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Tabletop Roleplaying Game Supplies

Welcome to Grumpy Turtle Games; an online shop for essential tabletop roleplaying game supplies hand-picked to boost your game!

We love tabletop RPGs, and we also love finding unique and quality items that help to make your game better. That’s why we created Grumpy Turtle Games–to bring the best of the best straight to you on an easy-to-use site. Here, you’ll find products that will add a spark to your game. The unique, the hard-to-find, and of course the essentials!

Turtles are tiny. We’re tiny now. But we are constantly growing and adding new and exciting loot. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest for the latest updates and newest product offerings.

So if you’re looking for tabletop roleplaying game supplies, come on in and take a look around. We’re not as grumpy as we look! We’re more than just dice. We offer ways to roll it, build it, play it, and make it.

We are Grumpy Turtle. And we love games.

Our Most Popular Gaming Supplies

What Do We Bring to the (Game) Table?

Tabletop Gaming Dice

We strive to offer basic necessities of the game, as well as some cool upgrades. Need dice? Check out our selection of Roleplaying Dice from Chessex in a variety of colors!  As an added bonus, we throw in a nifty dice bag with every set!

chessex dice

Polyhedral fate-deciders in a variety of snazzy colors

roleplaying miniatures

Miniature works of art in pewter and plastic

Tabletop Miniatures

Need minis? Grumpy Turtle Games carries a wide variety from Reaper Miniatures which are some of the highest quality, most detailed figures on the market! Check out or Mook Shoppe for some common monsters your group will encounter in their adventures.


We also carry a variety of options for mapping out your dungeon experience. We have Chessex Battle Mats and Chessex Megamats which can be rolled out and ready to play instantly. We also carry laminated Pathfinder Flip Mats which come in handy when you want a map themed around a specific setting such as a town or forest. One of our more unique products comes to us from Gaming Paper, which offers 8.5″ x 11″ sheets of gridded paper that can fit together to form your map. Want to create a dungeon on the fly? We also have the Mega Dungeon by Gaming Paper which has pre-printed sheets parts that can be fit together to create a unique dungeon-crawling experience every time you play!

chessex battle mat

Play mats, dice towers, game markers and indicators and everything else!